Media Contributions

This page contains links to the schools web based media upload portals.  It allows anyone to contribute photos/video of school related events.  The content uploaded will be directed to the marketing staff responsible for publication of any school media. 

Click on the link below, and use one of the listed login credentials related to the area of the school the event took place:

Equestrian events (Login Name: media_equestrian  Password: <your email address>)

NEGS events (Login Name: media_negs  Password: <your email address>)

St Johns events (Login Name: media_stjohns  Password: <your email address>)

Important Note:

- Single or groups of files can be dropped into the upload area, otherwise use the "choose files" file option in the dialogue window.

- Folders (containing files) CANNOT be dropped into the upload area, create a ZIP file of the folder and upload the ZIP file.

Last modified: Wednesday, 11 March 2015, 12:03 pm